Duane Buck
Thursday, September 15, 2011
How Buck case got to high court, C.S. Monitor, 9/16/2011
Supreme Court Order for Stay, SCOTUS, 9/15/2011
Buck execution halted, CBS/AP, 9/15/2011
Supreme Court asked for stay, Hou Chron, 9/15/2011
Perry out of state for Buck execution, LA Times, 9/14/2011
Motion for Stay, SCOTUS, 9/15/2011
5cc deflects appeal, Hou Chron, 9/14/2011
Perry asked to halt execution, LA Times, 9/13/2011
Pardons panel turns Buck away, Hou Chron, 9/14/2011
Buck denied due process, Atlantic, 9/13/2011
Prosecutor calls Buck sentence unfair, Austin S-A, 9/12/2011
Redress sought for 'oversight,' Hou Chron, 9/7/2011
Attorneys seek reprieve, TX Tribune, 8/31/2011
Racism is basis of hearing request, A-S, 8/31/2011
Supremes refuse appeal, AP, 4/19/2010