Humberto Leal, Jr.
Thursday, July 7, 2011
Leal executed as Supreme Court turns him down, NYT, 7/7/2011
Obama, UN, urge stay, CNN, 7/1/2011
Solicitor Gen'l urges stay, 7/1/2011
Editorial "Keeping Our Word," Houston Chron., 6/23/2011
Jim Skelton's case analysis,7/6/2011
Supreme Court holds Leal's fate, Reuters, 7/6/2011
Obama requests stay, UK Guardian, 7/5/2011
Judge declines to intervene, AP, 6/23/2011
Freedman : treaty and law, NY Times, 6/18/2011
Obama admin. coaxes Perry, Time blog, 6/17/2011
Leal petitions fed'l. court, SA Express-News, 6/16/2011
Federal bill may be tooo late for Leal, PNS, 6/16/2011
Leal case unlikely cause celebre, NYT, 6/16/2011
Texas, Mex. in conflict, NPR, 6/15/2011
Priest accused of molesting Leal, S-A Current, 6/15/2011
(3) Congress considers consular legislation, 6/14/2011
(2) Treaty rights trump Leal, Wash Post & Dallas M-N, 6/14/2011
Foreign nat'l faces TX execution, Swampland, 6/7/2011
Leal's atty pressures Perry, PNS, 6/7/2011
Mex. gov't. asks to spare Leal, Fox News, 6/6/2011
Date set for Mexican Leal, San Antonio X-N, 11/4/2010