Henry "Hank" Skinner
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
DAs deny Skinner justice, Huf Post, 11/8/2011
Execution called off, CNN, 11/7/2011
Flood of requests to test DNA, many sources, 11/7/2011
Pressure mounts for tests, CNN, 11/6/2011
Skinner's fight exceptional, TX Trib., 11/5/2011
Skinner banking on new law, PNS, 10/28/2011
Letter urges DNA tests, CBS Atlanta, 10/27/2011
Why does AG fight testing?, Grits for Bkfst, 10/25/2011
Arguments heard in fed court, Amarillo News, 10/25/2011
Skinner pursues 2 paths, ABC News, 10/24/2011
Skinner files to get evidence, Amarillo News, 9/6/2011
New date for Skinner, Bulletin, 8/5/2011